Handle With Care (Canned Goods)

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As we are between seasons for our garden I just wanted to take a minute to talk about canned goods. We love preserving our favorite fresh foods and creating new ones to enjoy from summer to winter. As the new Cottage Food Laws go into place Stump Farms will be able to offer a broader variety of canned products while our fall and winter garden blooms. We are so excited to share all of the wonderful things we use at home with you, but also give some tips on handling and storing homemade canned goods!

  1. Make sure not to over handle your cans. Avoid shaking, tilting or turning your goods. Never stack you cans. They should only be stored in standing single rows.
  2. Store in a cool and dark place. Avoiding heat and light will slow the breakdown of you foods.
  3. Use within a year. Most products can last well beyond a year, although canning recommendations are generally for no more than 18 months. Most canned food is cooked, so after a year the foods quality begins to decline. It doesn’t necessarily mean it is bad, but may have a different texture or taste. All cans will have an expiration date. Use oldest to newest to make the most our of your stock.
  4. Check your seals! Each cooked can has a freshness seal in the center, the lid should be tight and firm. If you can pop or press the center, it’s possible your seal has broken or can has been compromised. It’s best to discard if you have been storing it long term. If just purchased, use within a week and keep refrigerated.
  5. Check for freshness. Your canned good should smell and taste just like you anticipate! If it seems off or has an odor, discard and DO NOT use it.
  6. Refrigerate. Make sure you keep your cans in the fridge once opened. Most vegetables and fruit should be used within a week but some things like Jelly, jam & butter can last much longer. Pay attention to your expiration dates and any labels and leave it on the jar until you are all done with it.
  7. Read the labels. Not all canned foods are cooked and mare require immediate refrigeration.
  8. Call your Farmer. If in doubt of you have questions, your farmer’s information will be on the label and contact them directly for anything you may need or concerns.

I hope this help our customers now and with future purchases. We are always available to help & look forward to seeing everyone at the next market 🙂

-Alicia & Kevin

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