Why Not Wine?

Hi Neighbors!

As we prepare for our fall garden and find ourselves on the lower end of our summer produce, one thing we will be canning a bit more of is our wine & champagne jellies.

You may ask yourself, “Why would a farm make wine jelly?” and there are some really great reasons for that. First, we would like to share with you why we love this treat and choose to keep it year round in the pantry!

When gathering ideas for how we would store or can our produce last year, wine was never on the table. One of our family members however did make a delicious blend of red cranberry reserve & gifted us a bottle. We were so inspired after breaking down the many attributes of adding it to our spring pantry list!

Typically we only jelly fresh fruit and vegetables. We’ve been doing this for quite some time and sharing it with family & neighbors. Jelly was the first product for sale that Stump Farms ever made (2nd to eggs but we done “make” those 🙂 ) We have explored lots of different tastes and blends using our organic harvests seasonally but sometimes those in between months leave us longing for something new and different.

We use our jelly for meals, cooking, entertaining, snacks, gifts & more!

Wine & sparkling wine jelly offer a change of flavor pace from pear, apple, grape or tomatoes. And, as much as we love fruit jelly/jam/butter, they often require a good amount of sugar to be added. With wine, the natural sugar is in place and for most recipes there is little to no sugar added! It’s safe for the family too. All or any alcohol is cooked out during the preparation process. These types of jelly also are fantastic for making sauces or glaze to compliment your main dinner dish, we use them all the time!

We stand by only using organic wine and often times find fantastic homemade and/or locally sourced wines! This allows us to produce year round and experiment in so many ways.

If you haven’t yet, give it a try when you stop by to visit us. We usually have samples of our best sellers to try and they never disappoint! This fall we will also have a wine jelly sampler box available so keep an eye out for an update on our website and Facebook. Shipping is available starting September 1st but we recommend waiting for cooler weather. Delivery is best until the temperature is closest to 85 regularly.

Half Pints and Pints available starting at $10


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