Beard Care & Men’s Grooming

Our Beard Oils are made from organic cold pressed carrier oils with essential oil accents. Each is crafted to be as unique as every beard.

Try more than one! Your beard’s needs and skin change day to day depending on weather, seasons & more. So switch it up.  

No beard? No problem! Even a 5 o’clock shadow for men can cause skin irritation. A couple drops a day will help any goatee, scruff or stache.  Beard care is skin care!

Know how to use your new goods:                                                                                                                                                              

  • New beards, goatees & staches- 3-4 drops daily                                      
  • 1-3 month newbies- 4 to 6 drops daily
  • 3-12 month semi-pro’s – 6-10 drops daily
  • The committed BeardsMan – 10+ drops daily
  • Wax: apply pressure to get a small amount, warm between fingers, work onto area that you want to shape
  • Balm: rub a dab between hands and work into the hair smooth fly aways & stay hairs

Recycle and get rewarded! We like to keep costs lower & help out Earth wherever possible. Return your bottles to us for new replacements at a discount. Win/Win!

Thank you for supporting small farms & artisans!

The Repair Man: 

All of the poolside fun takes it’s toll on your glorious beard BUT you’ve got the Repair….man. Undo chlorine, sun damage & detoxify with this deep conditioning blend for hardcore repair.

The Texan

Deep in the summery woods of Texas. This oil is designed to give you that Texas country feeling every day.


Love the outdoors? So do we, so wear it! Be reminded of the things you love all day with this gentle blend of fresh air.

Rise & Grind

Wake up! Be refreshed, focused & ready for the day ahead. This blend is both bright and stimulating.


What doesn’t it do? The best option for dandruff and irritation, the Hercules blend also leaves your beard soft and shiny.

The Simple Man Signature

Keep it simple. Not crafted for scent as much as deep hydrations, this simple blend can be used for all hair or a few drops anywhere the skin is  cracked or damaged.

Shine Up

Light in hydration and a faint citrus scent, wear Shine Up to brighten and lighten your beards natural highlights. Follow up application with a healthy dose of sunshine.