About Us

Alicia and Kevin Stump

We started dating in 2014 but knew each other for much longer than that. It didn’t take too long for us to figure out that we were just perfect for one another. We lived in the city of Spring, Tx where Kevin grew up his whole life. We loved our town and all of the people we knew that made it so special but eventually long traffic filled commutes & other normal city issues starting wearing on us and we dreamed of doing more to build a better life for our kids and new baby. In 2017, after having helped Alicia’s father prepare his 2 acre homestead for sale, we decided to purchase the property ourselves! This was a huge jump for us considering we didn’t know much about farming and running a fully functional homestead. With the help of our farming neighbors and a whole lot of “Google”, we spent the next two years studying, mentoring & absorbing every inch of knowledge we could to build our dream of living the cleanest and best life we could cultivate. Together we have an extensive knowledge of “do it yourself” know how and drive. Alicia is a long term vegetarian with a love for organics, cooking & skincare. She is also a full time aesthetician at Body BeneFits Inc. in The Woodlands. Kevin has always adored animals and is extremely nurturing. His background in custom carpentry is always utilized as we build our ideal “mini-farm”. Together these two ex-city slickers became aspiring farmers!

Meet our three beautiful kids Alex, Lo, And Libby!