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Thank you for supporting our family farm in any way possible! Everything from a Facebook like, review, egg purchase to donation make a difference in how we are able to operate.
Our dream is to be a vital part of our community by providing farm fresh goods as a “for profit” so that we may live off of a farm based income.
Not only do we provide quality meats, produce & more… we donate our time to help our friends with other small business and do educational outreach programs in our area to
help make young and old generations aware of the importance of being connected to your food and community.
As first generation farmers, we self fund all of our endeavors as we go. This often times means we aren’t capable to grow at the speed we would like or have to take the hard way to get things done…but it is always worth it. If you feel compelled to contribute to our family & farm, we thank you so much!! Every dollar goes far towards making our dreams happen.

-Alicia, Kevin, Alex, Libby & Lo

*Use the code “donate” at checkout to bypass “shipping”

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